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Telehealth Offering

Professional Care Anywhere

First episode psychosis centers are not always conveniently located to the people who need them. This may be particularly true for individuals or clinicians in rural communities.

If you are working with a client who may be experiencing early psychosis, we are here to help connect you to information regarding care, research, and telehealth resources.

For those seeking personal supports, we can help get you connected with a treatment resource near you!

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Currently, HeadsUp offers professional consultative services via our HeadsUp Early Psychosis Mentor, a platform for Pennsylvania clinicians and treatment providers to pose questions to experts in the fields of early psychosis research and treatment. We are happy to provide you information based on your specific clinical needs, with the goal of providing the most up to date and evidenced based research guidance available.

If you are someone, or a loved one of someone, who is experiencing early psychosis, we are here for you! You can easily access resources and information or find local treatment providers on our website, or email us at for additional supports.



COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation Tip Sheet

Developed by our EPINET collaborators, COVID-19 vaccination educational information for clinicians and individuals receiving care.

COVID-19 Vaccine Conversation Tip Sheet

COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Educational information and resources  developed by our EPINET collaborators to help individuals better understand the COVID-19 vaccination.

COVID-19 Vaccine Handouts

NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Health)

The nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.”


Early Intervention in Psychiatry

A recent publication in Early Intervention in Psychiatry, our PA FEP CSC programs demonstrates the ability to assess and improve critical outcomes of coordinated specialty care in PA. Improved outcomes by 12 months in treatment provides evidence of an effective treatment model and supports the continuation of these programs in pursuit of our goal of reducing schizophrenia disease burden on individuals and society.


Early Intervention in Psychiatry

Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy

Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy (CT-R) is an extension of the important work of CBT for psychosis (CBTp) to individuals who have struggled to gain benefit from that approach. CBTp was originally developed to address positive symptoms (hallucinations and delusions) to help people regain their lives.



Recovery-Oriented Cognitive Therapy

First Episode: Psychosis Results from a 2011 NAMI Survey

“In response to strong demand from NAMI’s community of individuals and families affected by mental illness, NAMI initiated this survey and as part of a project that includes new resource materials on its website: The survey follows another NAMI survey, Schizophrenia: Public Attitudes, Personal Needs (2008) which found that an average nine year gap occurs between symptoms and the beginning of treatment.”

Psychosis Results from a 2011 NAMI Survey

Psychosis Screening in Primary Care

“Informational tools produced by the Center for Early Detection, Assessment, and Response to Risk (CEDAR) in conjunction with the Prevention Collaborative, the Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project (MCPAP), Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) Adolescent Medicine and BCH Psychiatry.”

Psychosis Screening in Primary Care

TiPs (Telephonic Psychiatric Consultation)

“A HealthChoices program designed to increase the availability of peer-to-peer child psychiatry consultation teams to primary care providers (PCPs), medical specialists, and other prescribers of psychotropic medications for children. The program provides real-time resources to the PCPs and other providers who desire immediate consultative advice for children with behavioral health concerns, covered by Medical Assistance, up to age 21.”


HeadsUp Animated “What is Psychosis Video”

A simple, short educational video to use and share.

"What is Psychosis?" Video

PSI Perinatal Psychiatric Consult Line

The presentation of perinatal mental health disorder is not always straightforward, and medication is not always immediately effective. PSI’s expert perinatal psychiatrists are available to share their skills and expertise with fellow medical professionals, providing necessary guidance and reassurance on any matter, but particularly those that may be more challenging.

Perinatal Psychiatric Consult Line

Implementation and Outcomes of a Core Assessment Battery in PA FEP CSC Programs

Hosted by Massachusetts Psychosis Network for Early Treatment & presented by HeadsUp Co-Director, Monica E. Calkins, PhD this talk offers background and insight into PA first-episode psychosis (FEP) coordinated specialty care (CSC) programs implementation and use  of a state-wide core assessment battery for program evaluation.

Presentation Recording

EPION “MyCannabisIQ” Clinician’s Resource

#MyCannabisIQ is an initiative championed by EPION, a network of people who work in early psychosis intervention (EPI) services in Ontario, for individuals and their family/caregivers to stay in-the-know about cannabis, its side effects, and the risk factors to keep in mind.

Boost your Cannabis IQ

Our Latest Community News

New! Early Psychosis Mentor

First Episode Psychosis (FEP) centers are not always conveniently located to people who need them. If you are a Pennsylvania clinician working with a client who may be experiencing early […]

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Winter Newsletter, 2021

Our quarterly newsletter, highlighting the work of our organization and the FEP Centers we support to help boost early psychosis care in Pennsylvania.

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