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Changing Minds, Empowering Lives

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HeadsUp is a collaborating organization whose mission is to help end the stigma around psychosis through education, advocacy, and support. We promote early intervention centered around personalized, accessible, and effective care for all people in Pennsylvania. Learn More +

When you or someone in your family is suffering from psychosis it can be hard to know where to turn. The first experience with psychosis can be frightening and confusing but finding help early provides the best hope for recovery.

We understand that navigating these changes can be challenging. We offer a supportive platform of hope to individuals and their families to make information, care, and recovery more manageable.

Worried about yourself?

Sometimes we notice our minds or bodies are feeling off which can feel confusing or even scary.  If you have been experiencing troubling beliefs, problems with perception, disorganized thinking, or withdrawal it is good to know there are people who can help you sort through these uncomfortable feelings and determine if and when care may be needed.  Even though it is hard to reach out, it is important not to ignore these signs.

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Worried about a family member or friend?

If someone you care about has been exhibiting unusual behaviors such as problems with perception, disorganized thinking, or withdrawal there are people who can help. While it may feel uncomfortable to reach out, its important not to ignore early signs of concern or distress. Take the first step and learn more about early psychosis.

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Finding hope and support with providers from the STEP clinic

"It's really helped for me to realize that things can get better, you can make improvements in your life. Nothing's easy at first but with practice and time and effort it becomes gradually easier. There is nothing you can't overcome.”

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An empowering path to recovery with the caring team from the ENGAGE clinic

"I didn't know that I had empowerment, that I was a valid human being...I am very excited about the possibility for the future for myself in a way that I couldn't have imagined would have been possible without the FEP programs.”

Events & Announcements

Your Voice Matters!

The Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) is organizing a workgroup to assist with the development of First Episode Psychosis (FEP) program standards for Pennsylvania. The meetings will cover a broad range of topics from eligibility for services, staffing and treatment considerations, program set up and cultural considerations. LEARN MORE HERE

Events & Announcements

NEW! HeadsUp Early Psychosis Mentor

First Episode Psychosis (FEP) centers are not always conveniently located to people who need them. If you are a Pennsylvania clinician working with a client who may be experiencing early psychosis, we are here to help connect you to information regarding specific care, research, and telehealth resources.  For more information or to submit your first question visit the HeadsUp Early Psychosis Mentor page in the clinician’s space of our website. 

Events & Announcements

Testimonials & Creative Gallery

By providing your story to HeadsUp you may help others feel less alone, shift attitudes about what it means to experience psychosis, and make seeking mental health care seem less scary. We are excited to offer a secure platform to show off the empowering and amazing words and work of the individuals in our programs.  Have something to share? 

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Events & Announcements

NEW "What is Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC)?" Animated Video

Just released! Our new, shareable, animation short that helps simply explain the individualized care offered at early psychosis center across PA and across the US.

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Events & Announcements

Quarterly Newsletter 2021

Check out the latest edition of our quarterly newsletter which highlights the strides our Pennsylvania First Episode Psychosis (FEP) Centers are making in early psychosis care.

First Episode Psychosis Centers in PA are Making a Difference

Early Intervention in Psychiatry

91% decrease in number of participant hospitalizations


Employment rates increased by 126%


School enrollment increased by 85% in those over 18


82% decrease in suicide attempts


76% decrease in homelessness

*all mentioned data is at 24 month follow-up